Meldir, The Dire Wolf


The Dire Wolf, Meldir, that Silas rescued from the Reds Induction Ring.

Name Ability: Meldir, The Peace Leader: Meldir is big even by dire wolf standards but he has a friendly demeanor and a peaceful disposition. He would rather protect then fight. Other animals in the area feel this calmness and will reduce aggression towards anyone under Meldir’s protection.

”I found him chained in the arena, bleeding profusely and gravely wounded. Interestingly enough he has stayed by my side ever since, which is odd, as most creatures can sense the demonic aura of my blade. Hence, I gave him the name Meldir, meaning friend.”- Silas, Personal Journal Vol. CCCXXI


Meldir, The Dire Wolf

Oracle: (Ambulare in Satunebris) Rendourous Chrybat