Oracle: (Ambulare in Satunebris)

Stranger Danger

Killing Two Birds with One Stone

After our encounter with Zefrain, and Therya’s miraculous survival, we needed to discuss our next move. While doing so, a forest nymph came and informed us that Tsare would be leaving the island by the end of the day, drastically shortening our timetable. Also, the forest lord had told us there were four skinchangers in the area- he would take care of two of them, while we should eliminate the other two. While we were discussing what to do next, though, I sensed something was off- and it turned out that the Charlemagne we were talking with was one of the skinchangers. Not only that, but Therya fell out of a barrel in the back of the room… but we could still see her on the bed where we’d put her- which means the “Therya” that Zefrain nearly killed was also a skinchanger all along- but the real Therya still had almost died because of their ability to transfer damage taken to whoever they are copying. I hate those things… Anyways, we pursued those two out of the hideout, when two more appeared- so now we were facing all four at once… One, in the form of a gnome, tackled me and teleported the two of us- three counting Enar- somewhere. As he did so, though, I fired a bolt from my lancer bow. It appeared to kill him, but I was unsure if perhaps it was just playing dead. Long story short, not only was he indeed playing dead, but he also lived through my destroying that body later- because this particular skinchanger is the strongest of them, and has the ability to literally be in two places and in two forms at once- and after seeing that, I cannot discount the possibility that he may be able to multiply himself further. However, he did mention he was rather put out because we’d killed 4 of his friends… which means my companions must’ve dealt with the other three, if he’s telling the truth. The fourth would be the one we met on the ship. During my face-off with this skinchanger leader, I decided on a possibly risky venture- I would attempt to ask for the forest lord’s aid against this foe, but speaking in a low voice in Draconic so the skinchanger wouldn’t understand me. I hoped the Forest Lord would understand the language, as he is an ancient being. Things didn’t work out quite the way I hoped, however. Instead of making contact with the Forest Lord, I instead, somehow, managed to connect with Dorian- the ancient lord of all dragons, and the first dragon to be created. To my relief, he did help by teleporting me near Alvar- after mentioning that he generally doesn’t do house calls, but as this was my first time I probably wouldn’t know that, so he cut me some slack- this time. Knowing his immense power, I am vastly relieved to not have aroused his anger- even the Pantheon of the Gods leave him alone. This experience, though, did reveal one thing- I do indeed have some true dragon blood in me, something I never even suspected until very recently. There have been some changes happening with my body as of late, besides growing my hand back… I hesitate to even write what I suspect it may be just yet, but if I am right, I may have soon be able to add a new dimension of possibilities in our efforts. How soon, I cannot say- but I believe both the fire ring I possess and the Lightning Medallion somehow help to speed the process along- I first noticed the feeling the same time the Medallion supercharged the regeneration of the hand I lost. Hopefully we will be able to find it again soon.


Rendourous Acnolowgia

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