Oracle: (Ambulare in Satunebris)

Release (Pt. II)

Teleportation is disorienting even at the best of times, but this was better than that. Adrenaline coursing through my body, I focused on my enemy, slightly dazed, wandering around the base of the ampitheatre. As he recovers from his transportation spell, he turns to look at me. He speaks, but his words only register on my subconscious, garnering an instinctual response, but I can only think of the fight, reading his every shift, every breath, wanting the “play” to begin. I see him holding my staff, how did he get that? I summon it to me, and he gives me an appraising look. then, oh then, he pulls out the coin. My rage overflows and I attack, letting loose my rust breath. however, in my haste to destroy this imposter I do not allow the force inside me to build, and the attack I unleash is only partially formed and weak. It hits a wall surrounding him and shrivels the grass around him. he laughs, mocking me, and I walk to him. As I reach him I punch at him. Lightning fast he grabs my hand and I wince as I see him change, transforming into myself. My rage grows, and I try to spear him through the chest, but he slams me away, throwing me sixty feet away where I slam into the ground. I begin to run to the high ground, but he changes, gaining height and breadth, growing wings, a dragon. He leaps and flaps MY wings, slamming down in front of me. He grabs me and lifts me into the air then slams me down on the ground. Focus, feel the rythms of the earth, pulse and shift. as I hit the ground, I push my magic into the ground feeling the influence of my power bend and explode the earth underneath my foe launching him into the air and covering him in debris as he hits the ground. I transform into a dragon myself, walk over to him, and form an earthsphere. as I begin to push the sphere into his chest it crumbles, leaving only my claws to continue into his flesh. I feel his magic take effect as pain begins to grow in my own chest. I stop, summon my staff, and use its influence to compel him to transform back into his natural form. my rage spikes as I see the abomination revealed, and I open my maw, and bite down, relishing in the rush of violence, especially against such a devious foe. suddenly, the pain in my chest spikes, as I realize with his last breaths he drove a sword through my chest. where did that come from? Obviously poisoned. Of course. enraged, I form an earth sphere and smash it into his head. the sphere burrows into the ground, taking the head with it. I can feel the poison begin to affect me, and I know I must do something or die. alone. unacceptable. I begin to collect and focus my energy, gathering it to the center of my being, then I send it surging throughout my body, cleansing me. drained, I grab his sword and then sit down, staff and sword on either side. I try to meditate, to regain some energy. I feel the energy around me, but as I focus on it to try to pull it into myself, I feel the world go black. As I sink into unconsciousness, my last thought is, well….that was fun……


Rendourous KruhaKhan

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