Oracle: (Ambulare in Satunebris)

Alvar Zalatath Lodestar: The True Story

My story is a simple one. Well a simple one if the definition of simple is literally constant disaster after disaster and arguments with my parents. It’s quite an intriguing story. Lots of parts and sides to it all. And somehow it all links together to why I’m the person I am. Why I have the lack of trust I have, the weird quirkiness that is me.

Long ago during the Blood Elf War my parents were told in battle that the seer had a message for them. Although likely that was just a stupid taunt that was being told to freak them out they went to see a seer. They were told by the seer that their third child was going to be a strong leader, someone imbued with magic that they can teach me how to use. That I was going to be able to make them proud and greater in every way. He also said that if I were lead in a different direction of their affinity I would have the power for much sadness and terror. He encouraged that They teach me their ways. And ensure I don’t go the wrong way.

I was the fourth child. The third child my mother had, my parents hid. Claimed died before birth. They gave her away. Took her to an orphanage on a different island. Where she wouldn’t belong and left her there. I don’t even know if she is alive.

They don’t know I know this information. As I grew up I started realizing some of the things I could do was different from my parents. The magic I had was a darker color than my parents. It was different. I never knew what kind of magic it was until my parents saw me playing around with it and over exaggerated about how I was going down the wrong path. I never knew what they meant by that. Until I was able to enter their minds and find out these secrets.

At first they knew somebody had entered their minds. They were paranoid for quite some time that a spy was trying to get information about hospitals from them. They did a full search of the house, bringing more trained seers and hunters to sense for traps, additional minds. But nothing was found.
It wasn’t until my twenty-first birthday that they found out I had dark magic and that it was me that went into their head. They had been getting ready for a huge surprise for me and I had found out what it was before that day. I didn’t want it to happen so I avoided the area in which it took place. From this they found out what I was able to do. They found out I had dark magic.

They hastily told me to never use it and told me it must be a curse that was casted upon me and that is why I had it. They forbid me to ever use that type of magic and put me into a high-end light magic training center. Where I goofed off in and learned nothing.
Then was the day when they kicked me out. It was the day pirates came and invaded the city. My parents, being doctors were at the hospital and left me home alone. I knew my neighbors had small children so when I started hearing the invasion I quickly ran over there to help them. The house was overrun with the pirates and I had to act fast. I quickly casted a shadow upon me and the children to hide us and keep us safe.

The shadow was stronger than I had planned though. It didn’t fully go away until the next day. Shadow magic essence had stuck with me and my parents saw what happened upon returning to the house. They came with something really exciting to tell me. About an orc pirate who had told them everything. But the second they noticed the shadow essence everything went to hell.

They asked me if I had remembered what they said. And told me they would force me to never use magic again and that is when I brought up the secrets I found out about them. Asked about my sister, and about other things within their past. They became defensive and started to pack my stuff. They ended up throwing it out on the streets and ever since then I’ve been lost, wandering. Trying to figure out what I need to do now.


Rendourous zane_cartwright

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