Oracle: (Ambulare in Satunebris)

A New Adventure

but a tragic start...

Jomas Atra Well… this is going to be hard to write, but it has to be done. It started shortly after we defeated Tzare. The people in the small port town were celebrating the death of King Will- which is who they thought he was- when we spotted a ship coming into a separate cove. Admiral got excited when he saw it- as it turns out, this was the first ship he commanded. It was completely deserted, or so it seemed- but I noticed it was leaning a little oddly. We searched the ship, but found nothing; then I noticed Admiral heading off on his own, so I followed discreetly. As I guessed, he knew of a couple secret compartments- this was a pirate ship, after all- and in one of them he found a rather large man, who after a moment of just sitting there, vanished without a trace. The ship then righted itself, and Admiral picked up something that was on the deck where the man had been- I think it may have been a key of some sort. In any event, we headed out to where Therya stated King Will’s next duplicate, Rex, was located. Whereas Tzare was the embodiment of malice, Rex is the embodiment of fear- which means he may not be nearly as predictable. While I suppose it’s possible he may be extremely fearful and skittish himself, somehow I put the likelihood of that as just above the chances of Zefrain becoming our steadfast ally. Oh- I should mention that Dair stayed behind on Velcose Island, to be with the spirits there. But speaking of Zefrayn, he did make an appearance on our ship- not too much of a surprise considering he IS the spirit of the ocean itself. Strangely, he did offer some useful information- namely a couple possibilities to cure Therya’s condition. The first was shedding the blood of an ally- so that’s out of the question; unsuprisingly, Zefrain expressed some slight disappointment at that. The second possibility is a diamond on the same island where Rex is. However, shortly after Zefrain left, tragedy struck. We had been sailing through an unnatural fog for a bit, even before Zefrain made his appearance- and once he did, I think we all assumed he was responsible. However, it did not clear after he left- and shortly after that, I realized that something had killed Enar- both his heads were cut off. Brin managed a spectacular wind spell that cleared all the fog away. We saw something in the water just before some harpoons came hurtling at us. The attacker appeared to be part merfolk, but also part squid- Therya recognized her as her sister. To make a long story short, we managed to capture her, but she claimed she had not killed Enar. Relson was strangely angry at her attack, and even though she was not a threat at that point, blasted her with his eye-beam, killing her. I tried to throw up a pulse shield around her, but was not able to do it in time. Then, Alvar had the nerve to put his dagger to my neck. Shortly after this, Relson began acting strangely- it turned out Rex was possessing him. He demonstrated an ability to cause extreme compulsions in us… defeating him will be quite difficult. I have another concern as well… if these projections of King Will are embodiments of certain aspects of his personality, does that mean that the real King Will also has access to all their abilities? If that is the case, killing him may be impossible for our group- though we may find something to aid us as we go. However, on that note, I have another concern. The actions of Relson and Alvar just before Rex were inexcusable- killing an opponent in battle is one thing, but the way Therya’s sister died- as a helpless prisoner- was nothing short of cold-blooded murder, and the very thing I have dedicated my life to preventing. I hope that it was Rex’s powers that caused them to act as they did. If not… I may not, in good conscience, be able to continue with this group much longer. I will help defeat Rex, since it is most likely he is responsible for Enar’s death, but afterwards… we will have to see. I also intend to help find the treatment for Therya’s condition- though it may be best if I go alone, for two reasons: first, we likely don’t have the time to complete both objectives separately, and Rex is going to be an extremely formidable opponent. Second, there are manticores in the area where the gem for Therya’s condition is located- as I am the only one with experience fighting manticores, as well as being a hunter, I am likely to have the best chance of success of any of us alone. Who knows, I may even be able to tame one… though it could never fully replace Enar’s loss.


Rendourous Acnolowgia

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