Legendary Inventory

Legendary Weapons:
The Bor Itinot
Legendary Sword:: Thought to inhibit the natural power of the entire Deagan Race. It is said that the sword attacks with the speed of a Dragger with the strength of an Great Axe.

The Pair Rend
Legendary Blader Pair: Clax and Corey were brothers who fought so well together they became nicknamed the Blader Pair. The two draggers they used were nicknamed Shock, Lock, and Barrel (the Draggers are said to be able to mold into a double side Dragger.)

Distant Light
Legendary Staff: This staff was placed on the top of a plateau unknown to the world. It was thought to be touched by the sun for so long it magically became imbuned with Light magic. It is said to have the power of the Rising and Setting of the Sun.

Scyther Scythe
Legendary Scythe: Scyther, the Grand Reaper, was brought to life by a necromancer who didn’t have the power to control Scyther. He created a Scythe from the wood of the Jordan Tree and out of a rune he broke when arising. It is said to fight on its own accord.

The Wyvern’s Talon
Legendary Claws: Ravalas the Spectral Wyvern, was known as such because of his poison which was incurable, and was nearly invisible to the naked eye. It appeared to have just a glistening or watery look. In contact with skin it immediately starts to take its toll on its target. The Talon was broken off when Ravalas fought Dorian, and was lost.

The Broken Buckler
Legendary Shield: Orlo, a hero in the war of the Blood Elves, fought against the abomination, Creed, created by the Blood Elf Mystics. Creed broke Orlo’s shield in two pieces. Ultimately Creed was destroyed, as was Orlo. The shield’s pieces were never reunited, but if put back together, they would contain Creed and Orlo’s spirits.

Legendary Armors:
Drakenmoore Plithe
Legendary Plate: Drakenmoore was an armorer in his time and it was said he created an armor that when the wearer moved, it doubled the speed. This armor was lost to a Nevarian Dracomancer unfortunately he has never been heard of since.

The Deceive Cloak
Legendary Cloak: Castori was given the chance before becoming a Deity to bless an object with his powers, he decided to give his cloak the ability to shapeshift into other things. The Deceive cloak perfectly replicates another item or person. When it is just worn, it has a large face on it, a face like the Deity Castori.

Ironwood Drake Plate
Legendary Plate: The Ironwood Drake was the keeper of the Ironwood Shrines. After a quick demise at the hands of Castori, his hide was harvested and fashioned into a legendary plate armor thought of to be almost completely resistant to elemental influence.

The Standard of Re’Al
Legendary Banner: The standard of Re’Al, the old governor of Willowtowne, as he sacrificed his life against Castori’s first attack, his cape became torn and thrown against a standing pillar nearby. The standard was last seen with his nephew, who left town holding it proudly above his head before he vanished with the banner.

A Dead Man’s Tale
Legendary Boots: An old pair of leather boots, tied together with bone. They belonged to a human named Lane and not much else is known about him or his life or death. The mystery behind his death and life, is only rivaled by the boots’ power. Although the exact power has yet to be determined, any one creature that possesses the boots, lose their will.

Legendary Inventory

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