Gangs of Sunrest

The Gangs of Sunrest have become unruly, this information was gathered by Aetheriel Passion, leader of the force against them, under the direction of Svendil Sylvain. The information is scarce, but will be vital in ridding Sunrest of anarchy.

Their are 9 operating gangs, but it is possible that you will interact with up to 12 different factions. They are as follows:

The Yellows — Leader Art Hazzah — Other names: Gildies, Golddiggers. Description: They are sort of a military tax collection group. They are easily bribed, and money has high value on their members. They are the most powerful group in terms of soldiers, they control the trade in and out of the city. The Yellows have the crest of the Double S.
The Reds — Leader Bifrif Rabbel — Other names: Just make sure to get his name Bifrif right. Description: He is not necessarily very smart, but he is a shrewd and powerful adversary. He is very easily offended and doesn’t get a long with a lot of people. He controls the largest amount of Sunrest. The Reds have the crest of the Cut Lion Head.
The Whites — Leader Shed’Dasah Aman — Other names: Saboteurs, Petards. Description: They are currently the most peaceful group of the rest. They concern themselves with justice and with indirect attacks. Very capable of stealth and disguise, they will be more willing to help the cause but hard to trust. The Whites have the crest of the Sword Lily.
The Blues — Leader Danielle Goshen — Other names: Invisible Souls, The Silence. Description: These guys get off on being brutal. They are meticulous and extremely tactical. I think this group is the most powerful, although many would disagree. They are squirrely at best, which means if we capture a single target, he should be easily swayed. Contrarily, they are pack hunters and do well when together. The Blues have the crest of the Grave, and it is usually written or tattooed in invisible ink.
The Blacks — Leader Rayze — Other names: Dire or Dark creatures. Description: They are… different. They literally will augment their bodies to appear more like beasts of the world, you can some pretty gnarly looking hybrids this way. They however are quite civil and really just want to be left to their own devices. Piss them off however, they will never stop hunting you. The Blacks have the crest of the Bared Teeth. Side note: they usually have bite marks on their shoulders or necks if they have been integrated into the crew.
The Greens — Leader Rochelle Azuna — Other names: The Statues, Ruinhide. Description: They are most likely to want to help in our cause or restoring Sunrest to order, they are sentinels over the wall and will fight well to protect the city. It is surprising how much they value this city. Most have some form of statue form or facade they use to stay and appear perfectly still. They are not to be trifled with lightly. The Greens have the crest of the Bat Wing.
The Cyan — Leader Aramia Roche — Other names: Torquoise, Jewelers. Description: They are more worried about their own well being than the interaction of other gangs. They are fine with their little sliver of the city and you are not allowed entry unless you are a Cyan. The Cyan have the crest of the Monarch Jay.
The Purples — Leader Ehttala Carmack — Other names: Followers of the Adept/the Avatar. Description: They are fanatical about their “True Leader” who is either dead, missing, or fiction because I couldn’t find anything on him. Even so, These zealots are masterful and ever vigilant in learning their respective crafts. We are on not so good terms. The Purples have the crest of the Enlightened Man.
The Browns — Leader Victor Othellos — Other names: Duskbringers, Harbingers. They are the most “government”-esque of the anarchists. Compartmentalized, strategic, strictly a need to know basis and a definitive hierarchy within. Victor sitting at the top is hardly a field man anymore. He is getting older but he is definitely the brains of the outfit. The Browns have the crest of the Masked Man. They also each have a very distinctive yet simple brown cloak.

The Expired guilds which ex-members you may run into who haven’t yet reaffiliated into another guild would be:
The Maroon — Leader Frederick Lantz, Deceased — They were apparently really big stuff before The Reds grew to power with Bifrif, they were all about captains and first mates and pirates and stuff. A pun about Marooning people I suppose? Regardless they had no loyalty among their men and dispersed soon after their genesis. The Maroon have the crest of the Blood Skull.
The Orange — Leader Henry Lothgren — They were dispersed because they tried taking over the Library of the Histories. Henry was kept alive but is currently imprisoned under the Blacks. They are most known for controlling most of the city before they fell, and it was there fall that made the burst of gangs that are currently in place. Most every leader of the current guilds were once members of The Orange. The Orange have the crest of the Tree on Fire.
The Gray — Leader Disidua Laraness — They were a very small guild, and only lasted a few months against the Orange. The leader is currently living in the city with her daughter of the same name and son, Orrin Laraness, who is currently head of the guard at the Library gates. They are definitely on our side if we can get them to overcome their fear of the gangs. The Gray have the crest of the Cracked Bishop.

The city is divided into 9 sectors.

Gangs of Sunrest

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