Ability List

Physical Abilities

Abilities: Physical activated or passive (P) abilities.
//Bulwark – (P) Increases STR, CON, and DEX by 5.
//Shadowmaster – (P) Increases DEX, INT, and CHA by 5.
//Diplomat – (P) Increases INT, WIS, and CHA by 5.
//Scholar – (P) Increases CON, DEX, and WIS by 5.
//Combo – All physical attacks/abilities when used in sequence have different amplified effects. Combo max at 2.
//Break – Force a physical break through a magical ability or barrier.
//Grapple – Abilities are easier to hit, enemies can’t dodge while in grapple.
//Enhanced Reflexes – Reflex rolls have an extra 3 added to them.
//Charming – All rolls that are affected by the CHA stat will have 1 added to them if working with someone who the opposite gender and potentially attracted to you.
//Develop mind- All abilities that need a perception check before using don’t. Any perception check will automatically reveal Hidden/Stealthed/Invisible auras you can perceive (takes 2 feats).
//Sturdy – All rolls that are affected by the STR stat will have 1 added to them. Natural fortitude saves are beat if the offender has less STR than you.
//Persistance – Taking lethal damage reduces that damage by 10 initially and then reduces it again by 10% of the damage (EX: taking 20 damage reduce 10 – 10% (of Inital Damage (20 which is 2) = 8, take 8 damage) Persistance does not affect damage taken over multiple turns or damage that exceeds damage of 100 or is less than 20.
//Hunter Aspect – Gains Knowledge Tracking, remembers any track you come across and can work out how to identify unknown tracks (add 3 to knowledge roll). If you are a hunter, you gain Tracking, Improved Tracking, Scented Trails, Keen sight, and Hearing.
//Magic Resistance – Req. 2 Element alignment. Takes no extra damage from naturally weak elements. Does not reduce critical or lethal damage taken.
//Physical Resistance – Req. 2 Stances learned and mastered. Does not get affected by debilitating physical effects such as a crit. Critical strikes will still always hit and deal extra damage.
//Panic Blow – While intimidated, you can attack once without the effects of the intimidate, rolled as a clutch. Reflex must be higher than 18.
//Mimicry – If you succeed a Will of 14 add Will add (enemies Will). They will only be able to target you.
//Kiting – Passive: Any Ranged attack will propel you 2 feet back (or 2 feet back from the direction fired).
//Bite – Use your mouth to bite into an enemy (has different effects with different species, most species have this.)
//Claw – Use your claws to slash or grab at an enemy (has different effects with different species. Most species have this as well.)
//Detriment – While debuffed, you take a detriment to your attributes. You can take a more severe cut to attributes while debuffed to increase the effectiveness of a single attack to 120% of normal (can only be activated once in a fight).
//Sure Footed – Naturally can keep firm and upright in situations that can knock you down or intimidate you. Takes less damage initially, however susceptible to greater damage and slower reactions after.
//Quick Footed – Naturally adds 2 to your clutch (negates natural reaction time). If a failed clutch, and you take damage, you can take more damage. However, you can dodge quickly and retaliate quickly (1 to retaliation/dodge speed)

Stances: Learn a fighting stance (helps with certain physical abilities.)
//Sturdy – Any strong attacks will be stronger, every strong attack against you will be easier to block or dodge.
//Fluid – Any fluent attack will be stronger and more accurate, hard to block attacks but dodge is increased considerably.
//Stalwart – A stand-still stance, doesn’t reveal anything about the attacker/defender, a well balanced stance.
//Rend – A combination based attack style that works with quick attacks, hard to dodge attacks, blocking usually can turn into another hit.
//Standard – The normal fighting stance for warriors, rogues, and hunters. Dodge is slightly increased as well as defenses.
//Open – A loss of defense to accommodate a very open and free-flowing stance. Good for charging elemental attacks.
//Closed – A increase in defense to accommodate a very closed and secure stance. Good for really quick attacks that don’t need a lot of movement.
//Shifted – Stance slightly shifted towards the counter direction of another stance. Easily broken by quick changing stances, decimates stances that don’t change much.
//Tumbler – Dodge stance, tumbler is an initiate stance only, often combined with an Open or a Standard stance.

Mastery: Weapons, styles, and elemental masteries.
//Swordsmanship – 50% increase in swordplay.
//Daggerer – 50% increase in dagger efficiency.
//Halberdier – 50% increase in Halberd, Spear, and Pike polearms efficiency.
//Marksman – 50% increase in missile efficiency.
//Ranger – 50% increase in accuracy of any attack.
//Blader – 50% increase to dual wielding blade efficiency.
//Forger – 50% increase to blunt weapon efficiency.
//Axemanship – 50% increase in axeplay.
//Argonaut – 50% increase in defensive fighting efficiency, (reflexive).
//Shivving – 50% increase to dagger/sword critical damage.
//Parrying – 30% increase in bladeplay.
//Evisercal – 20% increase to double weapons attack speed.
//Shadowsurfer – 20% increase to Shadow effectiveness.
//Darkdancer – 30% increase to evasion while unseen
//Aeromancer – 20% increase to air damage.
//Deftmagic – 10% increase to the speed of air spells, 30% increase in accuracy of air spells.
//Adeptity – 30% increase in AoE fire spells. (Single target fire spells are still single target).
//Frasier – 20% decrease to cast time of fire spells.
//Boggler – 10% increase to all mind abilities (water, nature, and energy), 20% increase to confusion.
//Decimize – 30% increase to a single target charge spell (any element, can only proc once per battle).
//Sinisizer – 15% increase to 2 element alignment (with dark) abilities.
//Fizzing – 15% increase to 2 element alignment (with air) abilities.
//Redheating – 15% increase to 2 element alignment (with fire) abilities.
//Icilice – 15% increase to 2 element alignment (with water) abilities.
//Porous – 15% increase to 2 element alignment (with earth) abilities.
//Lucidity – 15% increase to 2 element alignment (with light) abilities.
//Twitchy – 15% increase to 2 element alignment (with energy) abilities.
//Sporeplume – 15% increase to 2 element alignment (with nature) abilities.

Bard Songs: Song styles fit for every bard.
//Swift – Req. Primary Air Affiliation. Increase speed and reaction in area, or on specific target, OR decrease speed and reaction in area or on specific target.
//Nullifer – Req. Secondary Dark Affiliation. Dark Null essence in target area purges high level casting, only low level spells can exist within the realm.
//Vicisiousness – Req. Spiraflan Satunebris. Enemies become Withered within area (lose STR, DEX, WIS). Entices Allies in area with Vicisious Attitude (Increase STR, DEX, WIS dramatically).
//Incite – Req. Spiraflan. All Spells in area are increased in intensity and strength by 50% OR increases specific targets spell intensity and strength for 2 turns by 100%.
//Overarch – Req. Satunebris. All Spells in area are imbuned with Dark Magic and will have additional effects OR all spells specific target casts are imbuned with Dark Magic and have additional effects.


//Imbune – Target weapon becomes Shadowed add a D10 of damage to attack.
//Taint – Target becomes crippled and is blinded. Lasts for as long as in contact with target.
//Shade- Req. Shadow Cloaks self, cloak is non-detectable and can pass through objects. Shadow must be active.
//Void Walk (Melee attacks only) – Req. Stutter and Shadow (level 3), Passive: If chasing target, each attack will teleport you to the opposite side of the target.
//Void Shatter – Passive: Each attack on a target adds a splice to target, a target with splice can’t succeed any roll below the number of splice*2 (stacks 5 times)
//Axiom Crutch – Passive: Night Vision and natural Stalk (Can stalk prey without being noticed indefinitely, unless Prey has Conscienceness or Sense/Perception of 10 or higher.)
//Juxtaposition – Creates a shadow of yourself at a designated point. You can control the shadow as long as you are within 10 yds and exceed a concentration of 5+actions shadow does+success of that action. Can not use other abilities while Juxtaposition is in effect.
//Deceit – Can pass Detection on a diplomatic level.
//Coerce – Can persuade others to accomplish tasks, grows distrust if caught.
//Shadow – Covers area in shadow, non-detectable while within radius of 20 yds of area. Can be illuminated.
//Cringe – Cripples target. Roll a D10, target takes that much damage and can’t succeed any roll below 14.
//Draught – Req. Cringe Poisons target. Roll a D10, poison lasts that many turns. Each time target takes non-poison damage, you gain that much life.
//Shadow Claw – Req. Shadow. Envelope targets in a claw of shadow. Roll 3D4 and a D%. Any attack here after auto-crits for 4 turns.
//Shackle – Locks target until target exceeds a will of 10. Target becomes crippled after shackle wears off for D4 turns.
//ShadeBreak – Req. Syndicate Breaks any barriers, magic shields, and chargeable abilities if in contact with target.
//Bleed – Bleeds target, roll 3D4 for damage, each roll above 3 will last 3 turns adding 1 damage per turn (stacks 3 times max of 3 damage)
//Cripple – Target becomes unable to use physical abilities, can not crit, and can not dodge.
//Dark Sport – Req. Shadow Low level shadow Manipulation.
//Splice – Req. Cripple (2) Splices the target’s brain dealing considerable damage, target must be crippled for it to work.
//Shroud – Req. Shadow (active) Allied target becomes shrouded and can leave the shadow area without detection. (Lasts 30 seconds out of shadow) Enemy target becomes confused and can’t succeed a perception.
//Possess – Req. Satunebris Pasquis, Target becomes possessed and starts thrashing and convulsing inflicting damage to himself and to others around him. If target sustains damage of 10, he becomes possessed again (until he doesn’t deal 10 damage to himself). If target deals 10 damage to something else, that foe becomes possessed and starts to thrash around.
//Grief – Req. Cringe, target becomes sorrowful and may react in an explosive manner or become unable to move due to sorrow for D4 turns.
//Power Drain – Req. Satunebris Lamura, Touch target and drain health, stats, and power from the target as long as contact is sustained. Can be used along with Cringe, Cripple, Confusion, Brake, Break, Splice, Shadow Claw, Bleed, etc.
//Phase – Req. Shadow (2), you phase through the shadows and can teleport within a 10 ft radius of your current position. This happens nearly instantly. You have to see where you are going to appear there.
//Beastial Instincts – While in battle and below half health, Bestial Instincts becomes active, you take considerably less damage and can trample and throw your foes. This doesn’t count as an ability.
//Collapse – Req. Cripple (2), Shadow encloses around the target pushing against them harder and harder until they suffocate (or break free). For it to continue, you must not break focus with it.
//Necroheal – Req. Shadow (active), Any wounding can be temporarily “sewn up” with shadow keeping you from passing out, one could technically fight death until the shadow is deactivated. Does not heal health.
//Shadow Element – Req. Shadow (level 3), You can mimic other forms of Elements with shadow (such as dark ice, black lightning, or dark illuminate).
//Shadow Ball – Req. Shadow (level 2), an extremely powerful charged shadow attack. Takes 2 turns to charge, the charge can be held for 3 turns after it is finished charging. Damage is equal to Max Health of the target + STR, WIS. Roll a d20 for damage.
//Psychic – Req. 2 element alignment and Shadow (active). You can manipulate the mind of a target in shadow. Effect will depend on the shadow, the area you are in, and the situation. Effects range from Mind Drain, Mana leak, Hypnotise, Cringe, and Cripple.
//Doppleganger – Req. Juxtaposition (Level 3), you can create a pure version of yourself in any form (not a shadowed version), the second version of you becomes more and more noticeably different as time goes on (about 4 turns till it is “shadowed” again.)
//Unseen – Passive: While not visible, any successful attack that an enemy can not perceive the point of origin, will slow, confuse, and intimidate the target. The target will also be unable to successfully crit.
//Secret – Req. Unseen (level 3) and Shadow (level 3), Diplomatic Situation: While unseen, you can speak through the shadows without revealing your position. Aggressive Situation: While unseen, you can intimidate with the shadows, without revealing your position, this is possible even while attacking.
//Darting Presence – Req. Secret, Each attack while undetected does not increase the chance of you being discovered. Each attack without enemy retaliation (an attack trying to attack you, regardless of hit) will increase your speed by 20% and evasion by 10% to that target.
//Invisible Threat – Req. Darting Presence (level 2), You can double, Triple, or Quadruple attack to one intimidated target after an activation of Darting Presence as part of an activation. The target will perceive you after the attack.
//Siphon – Each hit on a target leeches life (regenerative only) on each hit on one target (doesn’t stack from one target to another.) Stacks up to 2 times.
//Dark arrow – Imbunes an arrow with darkness, The arrow can crit at 15,16,17,18,19, or 20. Must hit a vital part of the body to crit.
//Crag – Any single target ability can expand to hit up to two targets. If only one target is hit with the single target ability. The damage is increased by a small amount. (Can not be upgraded).


//Illuminate – Floods area with light, any target within 10 yds is blinded and can not crit.
//Flash – Roll 3D4 for damage, each roll above 3 will blind, stun, or silence target (in that order) (Stacks 3 times)
//Smite – Target becomes silenced, deals 2d8 damage, double against dark. Smite has recoil.
//Crush – Target may not succeed his next attack, if missed targets itself.
//Enlighten – Add 10 to perception, sense, and sees through non-detection.
//Burst – Req. Illuminate Roll D20, damages everyone within Illuminate. Enemy targets are silenced.
//Silence – Req. Blind Target can not use physical abilities, can not crit, and can not block.
//Stun – Req. Blind Target can not move.
//Blind – Target can not see and can not crit.
//Bolt – Target becomes stunned, deal 2D8 damage, double against energy. Bolt has a 10% chance to stun you.
//Splendid Countenance – Can pass detection on a diplomatic level.
//Celestial – Can convince others to accomplish tasks, can not work on a target again if caught.
//Beam – Counter target non-physical ability. Can’t counter light.
//Bless – Target object/person is now blessed. A random ability in the next 4 turns will have double effect.
//Heal – Heal 3D4 health to single target.
//Mend – Req. Heal Cures any debuff, heals for 1D4 health.
//Cure – Req. Mend Cures any debuff, heals for 1D10 health, target can’t be debuffed for 3 turns.
//Barrier – Req. Illuminate Focuses light of illuminate to become a shield versus all attacks (physical and magical). Illuminate must be active.
//Light Sport – Req. Illuminate Low Level light manipulation.
//Reflect – Req. Illuminate, Reflects a single target ability. Refracts an area target ability (doesn’t necessarily go directly back to the target. just deflected)
//Flare – Req. Uxivian Lamura, Blinds all targets in an area, has a chance to burn and deals damage over time for as long as the flare is active. Lights an area revealing invisible or hidden enemies.
//Light Wall – Req. Light Sport (Level 2) Creates an impassable wall of light, the wall can be altered to increase healing (altered with Heal, Cure, or Mend) or altered to increase defences (altered with Barrier, Reflect, or Bless). An altered wall becomes passable, can have negative effects on dark or enemy targets.
//Solar- Passive: As a side effect you are glowing all the time, Solar increases your light damage and resistance while the sun is shining. You can charge Solar energy as the day goes on and spend it as stamina, burst of attack, etc.
//Spectrum – Req. Solar, You can see more than the “Visible” light spectrum, including infrared, dark, and pretense light sources.
//Attain – Req. Illuminate, After illuminating a source, you can attain its “Light Print”. Automagically perceive any “Light Print” matching that Attain.
//Power Staff – Imbunes staff with light and staff hits can exceed maximum damage by 1% of damage dealt. Critical strikes are increased by 2%.
//Lightium – Any metal item can be imbuned with light. Each light imbuned object can be used to heal, stun, or blind a single target one time.
//Deft Light – Physical attacks generate light. The charge of light can be used to heal or purify you.


//Fire Wall – Lines an area in a nearly impassable wall of fire, fire is close to solidifying and can block certain magical attacks, physical attacks are not effected.
//Ember – Persistent burning attack, causes burn damage, and damage over time.
//Scorch – Req. Flame Burns target, target’s armor is reduced.
//Ignite – Req. Flame (targets self) increases stats by 2 for six turns.
//Flame Wheel – Req. Flame (targets self) surrounds the users body in flame, 10% chance to burn target and increases speed by 50%. Vulnerable in this state.
//Flame – Ignites the ground around you and while active can burn targets.
//Burn – Afflicted creatures becomes burned and takes more damage from cold/hot attacks. Takes a D4 damage for 3 turns or until burn wears off.
//Pulse – Covers self in a blue fire ball that absorbs all impacts and spell sources, the damage that would have been dealt is healed instead.
//Focus – Any roll above ten will accomplish its goal. Chance to add 5 to roll.
//Lethality – Req. Swift Strikes (level 2) (can not have Brutality) (Passive) each attack on a target will render a lethal blow. Whenever a successful crit takes place, you can crit again on a 15 or more. Again after that on a 10 or more. Only works on one target at a time.
//Brutality – Req. Swift Strikes (level 2) (can not have Lethality) (Passive) each attack on a target will render a brutal blow. Whenever a successful crit takes place, you can continually crit more easily in similar situations. (Crit 20 to a Crit 19 to a Crit 18 if successful so on and so forth, with that attack.)
//Engulf – Req. Flame (Active) The burning ground bursts up and engulf any targets in the field. Militants will heal a D4 of health.
//Sear – Req. Burn (target must be burnt). Target will become seared and will be unable to block or dodge. Target takes bleed damage of 3D4 for three turns.
//Fire Sport – Req. Flame, Low level – fire manipulation.
//Fury – Req. Flame (2) (active), You start to generate more and more power the longer you stay inside Flames radius, increasing your stats and damage reduction. You have a higher chance of ignoring damage sources (not breaking focus).
//Flame Kick – Req. Burn, Your legs are grafted with fire allowing you to deal a huge amount of fire damage with a kick.
//Fire Shield – While active you are resistant to fire attacks. You can also swim in Lava with no ill effects for 10 seconds.
//Molten Shield – While active any targets around you will take damage as well as have a chance to get burned. Molten Shield has to be broken through before damage can be sustained, its heavy weight lowers your speed some.
//Lava Spew – Req. Flame, can spew lava forth from the mouth towards targets, doesn’t make you resistant to lava (not a breath attack).
//Fire Roll – Req. Flame (active), You start to fill your body with flames that can be thrown out in a short burst around you after rolling.
//Smoke – Req. Flame (active), the area coated in flame becomes smoky and decreases the visibility of everyone inside the flame. You have slight smoke manipulation and can see through it. Smoke makes it hard to breath and hard to react quickly.
//Incinerate – Req. Flame (level 3), can shoot out a fire ball that grows hotter and more powerful the longer it is shot and the farther it travels. An artillery ability.
//Overheat – Req. Incinerate or Flame (level 2), a beam a fire is shot out, the smaller the beam is, the more concentrated the damage and the higher explosion radius at the flux point (point of impact). If incinerate was used recently, Overheat is considerably less effective and vice versa, If Incinerate is used with Overheat, you may sustain damage. Both effects can differ but are stronger.
//Explode – Req. Incinerate, explodes target area instantly (within 50 feet). Extremely hard to dodge and has a chance to burn targets. The area is coated in smoke after the initial explosion. Passive: You are resistant to explosions.
//Bloodlust – Increases all melee attacks attack power considerably. Bloodlust can be cast again with different effects based on the last successful attack’s power.
//Curse – Decreases the range damage of a single target considerably. Curse can be cast again with different effects based on the target’s last successful attack’s power.
//Fire Ball – Standard low-level fire attack.
//Frenzied – Req. 2 element alignment, takes 3 feats. Passive: Critical strikes are easier to perform in any instance (elemental/physical attacks) Subtract one from the Last critical of that move. (All moves start at 20 crit, subtract 1 for each successful critical strike to crit again for that move.)
//Frenzy – Req. 2 element alignment, Increases melee damage and fire damage to all targets while active. Lasts 2 turns. If you have Frenzied increase the turn count to 6 and damage is increased to all sources of damage.
//Slayer – Req. Focus (level 3), Flame, increase damage to all beastial creatures. Damage is Doubled versus the Slayer’s triad (Dragons, Behemoths, Hydras)
//Sacrifice – Req. Satunebris Lamura, For 20 health, Leech life for 3 turns on your target for 50% of the damage dealt. This ability can only be activated with an unperceived attack (backstab).
//Fire Pillar – Req. Flame (level 3), engulfs a small area in a huge fire column. The area after the attack is in *Flames for 3 turns. If Fire Pillar is used in Flame, it engulfs the entire area in a large column.
//Swift Strikes – Req. Focus (level 2), attacks are much faster and have a 10% chance to burn targets in afflicted area. Each swift strike will generate more Fire energy, it can be expelled to deal damage to the area around you.
//Desolate – Req. Sacrifice (level 3), For 10% of your current health, Bleed all targets that have taken damage in the last three turns (including yourself). Each target that is dealt damage this way gives you 50% of the damage back as life.


//Ice – Freezes water and has slight ice manipulation.
//Ice Shard – Req. Ice Freeze water into a shard of ice (weapon construction).
//Aqua Prison – Req. Proselyte Encases the mind of the target in a lock, no mind abilities or spells can be used for 5 turns.
//Spew – Super heats water and propels it forward at high speeds. Roll 3D4 Damage.
//Fill – Fills the body with water, can be powered up to heal, buff, or suppress damage.
//Body armor – Req. Fill (active) the water in the body comes out and acts as a low-tier armor.
//Cleansing Tide – Req. Fill (active) the water in the body goes to any wounds and starts to heal them, disables impairment due to wounds.
//Freezing Rain – Req. Storm Clouds (active) Rain turns into icy shards of sleet.
//Howling Winds – Req. Storm Clouds (active) Wind speeds grow to 40 mph or higher.
//Storm Clouds – Creates a storm cloud 50 ft diameter above you, enables storm abilities.
//Hurricane – Req. Storm Clouds Locks enemies inside the storm cloud area.
//Crush – Crushes the Mind of the Target, target may get Confused.
//Confusion – Confuses target. Confused targets can hurt themselves and can also misjudge their attacks.
//Leak – Infiltrates the mind, the target leaks information about themselves and their tactics.
//Leverage – Req. Leak Infiltrates the mind, small control of sensory array of target, can induce mild Hallucinations.
//Hypnosis – Req. Leverage Infiltrates the mind, control of motor and sensory array of target, can stop actions.
//Water Wall – Req. Proselyte Creates a small permeable wall at target location.
//Water Sport – Req. Wake Low level – water manipulation.
//Maelstrom – Req. Storm Clouds (active) creates a huge maelstrom in any water beneath the created storm clouds (has to be in water, doesn’t create water itself) Any lightning strikes and energy fields will be forced into the maelstrom, it becomes charged.
//Whirlpool – Req. Storm Clouds (active) creates a huge whirlpool anywhere (does create water) and can suck targets into the center of it, they become stunned.
//Wake – Base water ability, creates a small wave in target area.
//Column – Req. Wake, creates a huge column of impassable water. The column can be broken and collapse as if it was rock.
//Lanzer Shot – Req. Pasquis Spiraflan, A super focused bolt of air and water is shot at target area. The area explodes and can possibly stun a target.
//Mutate – Req. 2 different Elements, Mutates a part of the body with a selected element (can be any, but your specific elements are more effective) each have different effects.
//Whispers – Req. Hypnosis (2), While in vision of the Target (target doesn’t have to see you) you can fill its head with whispering and other voices. Target can become confused, intimidated, stunned, and Possessed (see dark, any of the previous, usually not all at once.).
//Freeze – Req. Ice, Freezes single target for 2 turns. That target is more vulnerable to crush, fire, or nature attacks. Target can get freeze burned which deals damage over time. All physical defenses are increased by 100.
//Ice Shot – Req. Ice (level 2), shoots a large shard of ice at extremely high speeds impaling the target. Chance to shatter on contact. Extremely accurate and can freeze target for 1 turn.
//Hydrate/Dehydrate – Can hydrate or dehydrate target without the presence of water. Isn’t a sustainable source of hydration, tricks the mind into hydrating itself, only works for so long. Dehydration sustained long enough will render the target unconscious. Water can not be taken from some one or put in.
//Ice Bolt – Req. Ice (level 3), Powerful bolt of ice that can freeze the target. Slows by 50% on contact.
//Mirth – Req. Uxivian Pasquis, Increases the moral of all allies. High moral targets can not be intimidated.
//Water Walk – You can walk across the top of water (not breaking surface tension) for 6 turns or for 100 yards.
//Treading – Swim checks are always 20 (you roll to confirm it). You can also sleep in water without taking damage or ill-effects (you can still suffocate.) Add 1-hour breathing time.
//Water Tendrils – Req. Satunebris Pasquis, Sends out dark tendrils mixed with water that can ensnare afflicted targets. Targets are tainted and can not heal while afflicted. Imbunable with projectiles.
//Water Marks – Req. 2 element alignment and Ice (level 3), Sends out a water mark that freezes on contact and also shards. The ice will continue to grow and engulf target if not removed. Imbunable with projectiles.


//Poison – Poisons target (must be administered, either through a cut, blade, touch, what not), poison is d4 for 5 turns.
//Grow – Increase in size, increases your health, resistances and attack power. Decreases accuracy, evasion and dodge ability. Each nature ability will have different effects after certain levels of growth are achieved.
//Shrink – Decrease in size, decreases health, resistances and attack power. Increases accuracy, evasion and dodge ability. Each nature ability will have different effects after certain levels of shrink are achieved.
//Tangle – Req. Growth, Sends out foliage to tangle and ensnare a target. The target can still use abilities but is immobile.
//Ensnare – Req. Shrink, Sends out foliage to root a target. The target starts to be pulled into the earth.
//Sting -Sends out a sharp thorn. It can paralyze the target. Can be imbuned with magic and can not be perceived at regular level.
//Regrowth – Mends wounds, doesn’t heal health but can sustain damage in wounded places without more ill effects. Can reduce ill effects such as burn, freeze, sear, cripple, cringe, stun, blind, etc.
//Purge – Removes up to two beneficial effects from target.
//Weakness – Saps power from the target, Target can not crit, or deal his maximum damage potential (always will hit minimum power).
//Summon (Elemental) Familiar – Req. 2 element alignment, Summon a familiar of either Nature or Your other alignment (to get other element familiars available you have to gain their elemental essence)
//Counterstrike – You can deflect an attack, deal the damage that would have been dealt to you back at the enemy, and attack again yourself during the attack. Can not counter critical strikes. Strikes can not crit.
//Lash – Lash against target, target is crippled, stunned (momentarily), and has bleeding. Lash doesn’t add any base damage, must be used with another ability.
//Conjure – Req. 3 Nature Levels. Base level spell creation, Conjuring a spell in battle requires a natural 20 to be created, and learned.
//Ceasefire – All projectiles in target area (10 feet diameter) stop moving. After Ceasefire’s duration ends, the projectiles finish their path.
//Pestilence – Req. Purge (level 3), removes all buffs from target area. No buffs can be successful inside the area (you walk in, lose all buffs).


//Lightning Strike – Shoots out a small electrical strike that can stun the target.
//Lightning Storm – Req. 2 element alignment, a storm is generated that will periodically strike in its area. Random intensity of strikes.
//Energy Flow – Purposes the energy flow in your body, activates it for energy use. Base energy manipulation
//Energize – Energize all attacks for 2 turns, dodge, evasion, and crit chance increased by 20%.
//Shock Blast – Sends out a blast around target engulfing him in eletricity. The current is statically charged, deals damage for 2 turns, each time the target moves, he takes move damage.
//Shock Starter – covers the ground in a kinetic charge. Any movement increases the charge until the Starter is reached (100 energy charged by 1 per movement per capita of movement, takes about 20 steps to fully charge) Starter then ignites and deals damage to all targets in area.
//Acceleration – increases speed by 40%. Increases evasion by 100%. You are more accurate while accelerated, however your attacks lose power.
//Teleport – Req. Energy flow (level 4). Allows you to move from one location to another. Teleport can be created with enough energy if an area is charged to a high enough point. Teleport circles can be created and stay open as long as the energy needed to sustain them lasts.
//Dimension Door – Req. Teleport (level 3), an insta-teleporting. Entities can follow you through your Doorway if it is left open (by you) or you are traveling through it. (Pretty much a portal).
//Jump Scar – Req. Dimension Door, Insta-teleport to any location that you have previously seen, only people with Jump Scar can follow through the same Teleport Rift.
//Magic Mirror – Your next attack will mimic the last spell’s effects along with its original abilities. Damage of the spell is not reflected. You can activate This ability can block some effects of an ability if it is activated in time.
//Careening – Any excess energy is taken and starts to generate around you. Base energy manipulation.
//Magnet – Attracts metals and stones to target location. (Disarming, uprooting, and implanting are STR modifiers, Siphoning, mending, and cracking are level modifiers)
//Capacitor – Each ability generates energy, each subsequent ability can be amplified by the energy without being expelled.
//Kinetics – Energy Manipulation based around movement.
//Polarity – Req. Flumpe Terortis, Magnet (Level 2) Energy/Earth Manipulation based on magnetic polarity
//Surge – Req. Energize. Throw an arc of surging energy, (doesn’t have to originate from caster’s location). Low-level Energy Manipulation.
//Scope – Low-level energy perception (Kinetic and Polar Based). Using Kinetics or Polarity along with Scope will increase its effectiveness.


//Earthquake – Target area starts to quake, targets become unable to dodge, or block while quaking, fissures have a 5% chance of opening up. Can be imbuned with other elements for another effect. Can crit.
//Earth Sport – Req. Shard low level earth manipulation.
//Shard – Base level earth ability. Creates a shard of earth. Shard can be expanded to hit multiple targets, or compacted to deal penetration damage to a single target.
//Compression – Req. Shard, compresses target, target has a chance to become rooted in place for 1 turn. Compression stops any channeling as well as any charged abilities.
//Brace – Passive: Increases base defense stats by 5. In a defensive stance, that increase is changed to 10. Brace can be used to counter magic barriers, physical braces, or other defenses. STR must be more than target to work.
//Pound – Strikes an enemy with force, if your STR exceeds the targets DEX, the attack will auto crit.
//Punish – Only able to target stunned, rooted, or otherwise immobilized targets. Targets have a chance to become unconscious. Deals damage according to how long the target was immobilized, if attack crits, roll to keep them immobilized.
//Anti-Magic – Blocks elemental attacks and has a chance to reflect them. Elemental attacks can still proc on hit effects (such as stun, freeze, or burn).
//Force Field – Blocks all attacks in an area for a time. All attacks are dissipated, lasting effects do not pass through the field. (Disables lasting effects such as poisons or slows)
//Meteor – Req. Lamura Terortis, Level 3 Shard, Extremely powerful meteor strikes down and has a chance to burn, stun, and cripple targets. Depending on the charge time can also cause earthquakes.
//View Earth – Reveals landmarks on the Earth in a very wide radius.
//Dispel – Negates all Elemental/Magical/Artifact/or Otherwise buff/debuffs (Buffs are included) on a target. Can desynchronize magical items.
//Implosion – Req. Shard (level 5), high damaging attack that targets a single opponent. This target implodes and can not attack for the next 3 turns. If able to move (non-lethal damage) the target can not dodge, block, or exceed a speed of 0 for any attack during the next 7 turns.
//Mine – Req. Shard (level 4), sets a land mine that explodes on contact. The mine explodes in a cone upwards. Chance to bleed.
//Erosion – Can destroy armors, barriers, or blocks over time.
//Sandstorm – Dulls weapons and sharpness of attacks while in the storm. Can be activated to engulf targets in Sand or Stone.
//Burrow – Dig is auto success, You can fight and move through the earth while fighting.


//Cutter – Sends out a slice of dense air that can cut the target.
//Slice – Req. Cutter, An air claw appears at target location and will split again if it hits something (can split up to two times). Each claw can then split after ward, any claw that hits a target will deal damage.
//Cyclone – Req. Gust, A Small tornado is sent out in a line it dies off after 20 ft. The tornado can pick up things and direct them back to you, it also does this with enemy targets for close quarter combat.
//Windward – Req. Gust, Air surrounds you making you extremely fast and hard to see while moving. (Can’t be seen with rolls higher than 10)
//Gust – Base air ability, starts a gust in a 50 ft area that gives you a favorable wind, all stats are increased by a small amount, enemies stats are reduced by a small amount.
//Iradiate – Req. Gust (active), turns the gust area into poisonous Iradiated fumes that can poison the target and make it very difficult to breath.
//Arrow – Req. Cutter, Sends out a small volley of arrows toward target area, arrows can not be pulled from wound.
//Bullet – Req. Arrow (2), Shoots a sharp bullet of air at impossibly fast speeds, Very accurate and very hard to block, dodge.
//Whirlwind – Req. Storm Clouds (active) and Gust (active), creates a huge blast of air in the Storm area and will suspend targets in air for its duration. Targets can not use physical abilities while in this stasis.
//Screech – Loud high pitched screech that can stun and confuse multiple targets.
//Arclite Wave – Req. Screech, Sends a loud resonating air wave that locks targets in a slow-motion stasis, lasts 18 seconds. Deals damage for any abilities that are used during its duration.
//Thunder – Req. Screech and Storm Clouds (active), Sends a low rumbling through the air, charges any air or energy abilities within its sound. Can intimidate.
//Smoke – Req. Gust (active), gusted area turns to smoke and chokes targets (blinded and can’t crit).
//Air Wall – Req. Gust, Can create a wall of air that boost stats of allies who walk through it and lower stats of enemies who walk through it.
//Razor – Can accelerate any thrown item to become deadly sharp. Items that are already sharp become more accurate.
//Homing Arrow – Req. Arrow (level 2) shoots three Homing Arrows that will always hit the target. Damage is increased if an arrow hits the same spot twice. More so if there is all three in the same location.
//View Air – Reveals landmarks in the air in a very wide radius.
//Air Shield – Creates a shield that surrounds target, that target can not be precision hit by projectiles (except Homing Arrows). Can still be struck, but will never take fatal damage from projectiles that pass through the Air Shield. Doesn’t work with Objects larger than the shields depth.
//Fly – Req. Gust (Level 2) OR Air Wall, Allows the user to fly (can not make other targets fly) and can sustain flight for 6 turns or 100 yards.
//Haste – Req. Windward (level 2) and Gust (level 3), Increases the speed of any action/ability by a base 2 (increase of 200%) any ability that is declared quickly will automatically counter an ability (counters an ability during an opponent’s turn if the increased speed is faster than the base speed of that ability Must be an increase of 3).
//Precision – Req. Gust (level 3) or Air Wall (level 2) (active), any shots from a range will be incredibly precise (hits on the target in the same spot can crit much easier reducing from 20 to 18 to 16 with each hit). Each shot to the same target will auto hit target in a wounded area if roll is above 15. Attacks are not as powerful.
//Wind of Change – Req. Do not have Wind of Chance, Once a day you can reroll an action (change the action or roll again). You take the higher of the two rolls, a roll of 20 or 19 is a roll of 18, attacks can not crit. (not upgradeable)
//Wind of Chance – Req. Do not have Wind of Change, Every roll you can change, with each change subtract 3*number of rolls. Take the last roll, a roll of 20 is a roll of 19, attacks can not crit. (not upgradeable)
//Wind Blast – Can suppress any projectiles away from you, damages targets close to you.

Ability List

Oracle: (Ambulare in Satunebris) Rendourous Rendourous