Oracle: (Ambulare in Satunebris)

A New Adventure
but a tragic start...

Jomas Atra Well… this is going to be hard to write, but it has to be done. It started shortly after we defeated Tzare. The people in the small port town were celebrating the death of King Will- which is who they thought he was- when we spotted a ship coming into a separate cove. Admiral got excited when he saw it- as it turns out, this was the first ship he commanded. It was completely deserted, or so it seemed- but I noticed it was leaning a little oddly. We searched the ship, but found nothing; then I noticed Admiral heading off on his own, so I followed discreetly. As I guessed, he knew of a couple secret compartments- this was a pirate ship, after all- and in one of them he found a rather large man, who after a moment of just sitting there, vanished without a trace. The ship then righted itself, and Admiral picked up something that was on the deck where the man had been- I think it may have been a key of some sort. In any event, we headed out to where Therya stated King Will’s next duplicate, Rex, was located. Whereas Tzare was the embodiment of malice, Rex is the embodiment of fear- which means he may not be nearly as predictable. While I suppose it’s possible he may be extremely fearful and skittish himself, somehow I put the likelihood of that as just above the chances of Zefrain becoming our steadfast ally. Oh- I should mention that Dair stayed behind on Velcose Island, to be with the spirits there. But speaking of Zefrayn, he did make an appearance on our ship- not too much of a surprise considering he IS the spirit of the ocean itself. Strangely, he did offer some useful information- namely a couple possibilities to cure Therya’s condition. The first was shedding the blood of an ally- so that’s out of the question; unsuprisingly, Zefrain expressed some slight disappointment at that. The second possibility is a diamond on the same island where Rex is. However, shortly after Zefrain left, tragedy struck. We had been sailing through an unnatural fog for a bit, even before Zefrain made his appearance- and once he did, I think we all assumed he was responsible. However, it did not clear after he left- and shortly after that, I realized that something had killed Enar- both his heads were cut off. Brin managed a spectacular wind spell that cleared all the fog away. We saw something in the water just before some harpoons came hurtling at us. The attacker appeared to be part merfolk, but also part squid- Therya recognized her as her sister. To make a long story short, we managed to capture her, but she claimed she had not killed Enar. Relson was strangely angry at her attack, and even though she was not a threat at that point, blasted her with his eye-beam, killing her. I tried to throw up a pulse shield around her, but was not able to do it in time. Then, Alvar had the nerve to put his dagger to my neck. Shortly after this, Relson began acting strangely- it turned out Rex was possessing him. He demonstrated an ability to cause extreme compulsions in us… defeating him will be quite difficult. I have another concern as well… if these projections of King Will are embodiments of certain aspects of his personality, does that mean that the real King Will also has access to all their abilities? If that is the case, killing him may be impossible for our group- though we may find something to aid us as we go. However, on that note, I have another concern. The actions of Relson and Alvar just before Rex were inexcusable- killing an opponent in battle is one thing, but the way Therya’s sister died- as a helpless prisoner- was nothing short of cold-blooded murder, and the very thing I have dedicated my life to preventing. I hope that it was Rex’s powers that caused them to act as they did. If not… I may not, in good conscience, be able to continue with this group much longer. I will help defeat Rex, since it is most likely he is responsible for Enar’s death, but afterwards… we will have to see. I also intend to help find the treatment for Therya’s condition- though it may be best if I go alone, for two reasons: first, we likely don’t have the time to complete both objectives separately, and Rex is going to be an extremely formidable opponent. Second, there are manticores in the area where the gem for Therya’s condition is located- as I am the only one with experience fighting manticores, as well as being a hunter, I am likely to have the best chance of success of any of us alone. Who knows, I may even be able to tame one… though it could never fully replace Enar’s loss.

Goodbye Tzare

The first of the….twelve? erm… I think twelve… Err Ah! Anyways, yes, the first of the twelve of King Wil’s Illusions are dead.
That was a fun battle. I almost made a mistake. But luckily for me Jomas was there and explained more to me how if we stayed in the clearing we were in we would have a good trap set up.
We set up a couple traps to unleash on Tzare the second he stepped into the clearing. Jomas set up cease fire and 4 of his arrows, Dair had summoned a spirit to attack that turned into a massive shadow wraith, Brin was playing a song and keeping everyone shrouded, Admiral turned his cool new staff into an earth ball throwing weapon, and for me. I was making sure to set everything up perfectly so that I was in the most shadow sense zone as possible, as well as Tzare would be in a dense shadow zone so I could Cripple Tzare to give us a head start. Right before Tzare entered I suddenly got a vision. Someone (you know who you are) showed me what Relson was doing. He was wrapped around a tree lining up a major eye laser shot to unleash hell upon the illusion. Which completely changes what I was going to do. I then decided to morph 2 shadow orbs together and throw it as fast as I possibly could with as much power as it could possibly have.

When Tzare entered everyone unleashed their attack. Tzare was not ready for this to happen. He was stunned and everyone went ham on him trying to kill him right away. I told everyone to halt, and I imbuned Sheilun with Shadow and went and stabbed Tzare right in the neck.

I suddenly got the feeling that this was too easy, and that was when Tzare got loose, took his trident and stabbed the ground and caused us all to become…swimming. In the middle of a forest. Yeah… That makes sense….Any how the water slowed us all, I remember seeing Jomas burning under the water. Not exactly sure how that is possible but I didn’t question. All I knew is I needed to get out of the water to fully attack and put an end to Tzare’s life.

Admiral went dragon mode and slammed into the ground, causing a cavern to open right underneath where Tzare and his water spewing trident was. I watched them fall and thought maybe we had done it. Maybe it was complete. And that was when I saw he caught himself. Then I noticed someone watching the fight from a distance. It didn’t look like one of the island’s guards. I sure hoped it wasn’t Zefrayn.

Amidst all of this, suddenly the Spirit of the forest in large form came into the clearing. Crushed Tzare in the earth as he closed it, grabbed the man watching, and left.

We had actually done it. We had defeated Tzare.

Stranger Danger
Killing Two Birds with One Stone

After our encounter with Zefrain, and Therya’s miraculous survival, we needed to discuss our next move. While doing so, a forest nymph came and informed us that Tsare would be leaving the island by the end of the day, drastically shortening our timetable. Also, the forest lord had told us there were four skinchangers in the area- he would take care of two of them, while we should eliminate the other two. While we were discussing what to do next, though, I sensed something was off- and it turned out that the Charlemagne we were talking with was one of the skinchangers. Not only that, but Therya fell out of a barrel in the back of the room… but we could still see her on the bed where we’d put her- which means the “Therya” that Zefrain nearly killed was also a skinchanger all along- but the real Therya still had almost died because of their ability to transfer damage taken to whoever they are copying. I hate those things… Anyways, we pursued those two out of the hideout, when two more appeared- so now we were facing all four at once… One, in the form of a gnome, tackled me and teleported the two of us- three counting Enar- somewhere. As he did so, though, I fired a bolt from my lancer bow. It appeared to kill him, but I was unsure if perhaps it was just playing dead. Long story short, not only was he indeed playing dead, but he also lived through my destroying that body later- because this particular skinchanger is the strongest of them, and has the ability to literally be in two places and in two forms at once- and after seeing that, I cannot discount the possibility that he may be able to multiply himself further. However, he did mention he was rather put out because we’d killed 4 of his friends… which means my companions must’ve dealt with the other three, if he’s telling the truth. The fourth would be the one we met on the ship. During my face-off with this skinchanger leader, I decided on a possibly risky venture- I would attempt to ask for the forest lord’s aid against this foe, but speaking in a low voice in Draconic so the skinchanger wouldn’t understand me. I hoped the Forest Lord would understand the language, as he is an ancient being. Things didn’t work out quite the way I hoped, however. Instead of making contact with the Forest Lord, I instead, somehow, managed to connect with Dorian- the ancient lord of all dragons, and the first dragon to be created. To my relief, he did help by teleporting me near Alvar- after mentioning that he generally doesn’t do house calls, but as this was my first time I probably wouldn’t know that, so he cut me some slack- this time. Knowing his immense power, I am vastly relieved to not have aroused his anger- even the Pantheon of the Gods leave him alone. This experience, though, did reveal one thing- I do indeed have some true dragon blood in me, something I never even suspected until very recently. There have been some changes happening with my body as of late, besides growing my hand back… I hesitate to even write what I suspect it may be just yet, but if I am right, I may have soon be able to add a new dimension of possibilities in our efforts. How soon, I cannot say- but I believe both the fire ring I possess and the Lightning Medallion somehow help to speed the process along- I first noticed the feeling the same time the Medallion supercharged the regeneration of the hand I lost. Hopefully we will be able to find it again soon.

Alvar Zalatath Lodestar: The True Story
My story is a simple one. Well a simple one if the definition of simple is literally constant disaster after disaster and arguments with my parents. It’s quite an intriguing story. Lots of parts and sides to it all. And somehow it all links together to why I’m the person I am. Why I have the lack of trust I have, the weird quirkiness that is me.

Long ago during the Blood Elf War my parents were told in battle that the seer had a message for them. Although likely that was just a stupid taunt that was being told to freak them out they went to see a seer. They were told by the seer that their third child was going to be a strong leader, someone imbued with magic that they can teach me how to use. That I was going to be able to make them proud and greater in every way. He also said that if I were lead in a different direction of their affinity I would have the power for much sadness and terror. He encouraged that They teach me their ways. And ensure I don’t go the wrong way.

I was the fourth child. The third child my mother had, my parents hid. Claimed died before birth. They gave her away. Took her to an orphanage on a different island. Where she wouldn’t belong and left her there. I don’t even know if she is alive.

They don’t know I know this information. As I grew up I started realizing some of the things I could do was different from my parents. The magic I had was a darker color than my parents. It was different. I never knew what kind of magic it was until my parents saw me playing around with it and over exaggerated about how I was going down the wrong path. I never knew what they meant by that. Until I was able to enter their minds and find out these secrets.

At first they knew somebody had entered their minds. They were paranoid for quite some time that a spy was trying to get information about hospitals from them. They did a full search of the house, bringing more trained seers and hunters to sense for traps, additional minds. But nothing was found.
It wasn’t until my twenty-first birthday that they found out I had dark magic and that it was me that went into their head. They had been getting ready for a huge surprise for me and I had found out what it was before that day. I didn’t want it to happen so I avoided the area in which it took place. From this they found out what I was able to do. They found out I had dark magic.

They hastily told me to never use it and told me it must be a curse that was casted upon me and that is why I had it. They forbid me to ever use that type of magic and put me into a high-end light magic training center. Where I goofed off in and learned nothing.
Then was the day when they kicked me out. It was the day pirates came and invaded the city. My parents, being doctors were at the hospital and left me home alone. I knew my neighbors had small children so when I started hearing the invasion I quickly ran over there to help them. The house was overrun with the pirates and I had to act fast. I quickly casted a shadow upon me and the children to hide us and keep us safe.

The shadow was stronger than I had planned though. It didn’t fully go away until the next day. Shadow magic essence had stuck with me and my parents saw what happened upon returning to the house. They came with something really exciting to tell me. About an orc pirate who had told them everything. But the second they noticed the shadow essence everything went to hell.

They asked me if I had remembered what they said. And told me they would force me to never use magic again and that is when I brought up the secrets I found out about them. Asked about my sister, and about other things within their past. They became defensive and started to pack my stuff. They ended up throwing it out on the streets and ever since then I’ve been lost, wandering. Trying to figure out what I need to do now.


As I watched the skinwalker in the form of Erik move around the inside of the tree, I could feel the rage begin to rise inside of me, the ever-present compulsion to destroy, to maim and kill this imposter posing as my friend. As my rage grew, so my excitement grew, my anticipation for the fight to come overpowering any apprehension I might have felt. As the abomination left, I chased, only concerned with venting my emotions on what I knew was a worthy opponent. I needed… release.

Release (Pt. II)

Teleportation is disorienting even at the best of times, but this was better than that. Adrenaline coursing through my body, I focused on my enemy, slightly dazed, wandering around the base of the ampitheatre. As he recovers from his transportation spell, he turns to look at me. He speaks, but his words only register on my subconscious, garnering an instinctual response, but I can only think of the fight, reading his every shift, every breath, wanting the “play” to begin. I see him holding my staff, how did he get that? I summon it to me, and he gives me an appraising look. then, oh then, he pulls out the coin. My rage overflows and I attack, letting loose my rust breath. however, in my haste to destroy this imposter I do not allow the force inside me to build, and the attack I unleash is only partially formed and weak. It hits a wall surrounding him and shrivels the grass around him. he laughs, mocking me, and I walk to him. As I reach him I punch at him. Lightning fast he grabs my hand and I wince as I see him change, transforming into myself. My rage grows, and I try to spear him through the chest, but he slams me away, throwing me sixty feet away where I slam into the ground. I begin to run to the high ground, but he changes, gaining height and breadth, growing wings, a dragon. He leaps and flaps MY wings, slamming down in front of me. He grabs me and lifts me into the air then slams me down on the ground. Focus, feel the rythms of the earth, pulse and shift. as I hit the ground, I push my magic into the ground feeling the influence of my power bend and explode the earth underneath my foe launching him into the air and covering him in debris as he hits the ground. I transform into a dragon myself, walk over to him, and form an earthsphere. as I begin to push the sphere into his chest it crumbles, leaving only my claws to continue into his flesh. I feel his magic take effect as pain begins to grow in my own chest. I stop, summon my staff, and use its influence to compel him to transform back into his natural form. my rage spikes as I see the abomination revealed, and I open my maw, and bite down, relishing in the rush of violence, especially against such a devious foe. suddenly, the pain in my chest spikes, as I realize with his last breaths he drove a sword through my chest. where did that come from? Obviously poisoned. Of course. enraged, I form an earth sphere and smash it into his head. the sphere burrows into the ground, taking the head with it. I can feel the poison begin to affect me, and I know I must do something or die. alone. unacceptable. I begin to collect and focus my energy, gathering it to the center of my being, then I send it surging throughout my body, cleansing me. drained, I grab his sword and then sit down, staff and sword on either side. I try to meditate, to regain some energy. I feel the energy around me, but as I focus on it to try to pull it into myself, I feel the world go black. As I sink into unconsciousness, my last thought is, well….that was fun……

Encounter with Zefrain
The Bank of Luck has been drained...

Jomas Atra
Our party gathered and all gave our respective reports. Charlemaigne and Therya were not present; Eric because he had successfully possessed Tsare’s new advisor. Dare sought a spirit to look for Therya; we thought it was the spirit of the forest. However, shortly after he left and came back with Therya, he revealed himself to be Zefrain. Long story short, Therya barely survived- same story with Alvar, though that’s nothing new. Seriously… I’m starting to think he’s made a pact with some kind of dark god or something to have survived this many times. After exchanging a few attacks, Zefrain simply left. After we stabilized Therya, Dare summoned the real spirit of the forest- this is when we learned that we had been speaking with Zefrain the first time. I could tell this spirit’s power was much greater than anyone else I had ever met, including that of King Will. Zefrain, however… I could not even begin to calculate his strength. The Forest Lord explained Zefrain is of a similar nature to his own, but on a much larger scale- possibly the spirit of the island or even the ocean. If we ever encounter Zefrain again, our only thought should be of escape. The ONLY reason any of us are still alive is because he wants it that way- though I don’t know why. We can take a small amount of comfort in one thing, however- Zefrain does not appear to want to share our whereabouts with Tsare. The Forest Lord showed us a meeting between the two as it was happening. We could not hear what was being said, but I could read Tsare’s lips. He was upbraiding Zefrain for leaving the guard post, and on his failure to track down the construct- meaning Dare. Zefrain appeared to be apologetic. As he began to leave, Tsare told him “I could destroy you, but King Will seems to see fit that you continue to exist.” If he truly believes that, than he either has some kind of secret weapon we don’t know about, or he has no idea what Zefrain truly is- though I’m almost certain it’s the latter. If Zefrain really is the spirit of the island, though, than that could mean that he can appear anywhere on it at will- and since he could wipe out Tsare as easily as he nearly wiped us out, he must have some reason for wanting Tsare alive. If that is the case, then any attempt we make against Tsare is surely doomed. Zefrain is clearly THE power here- and I am at a loss as to what our next move should be. I almost wish I was a slave back in the arena again… things were certainly much simpler then.
Something just struck me… Dare told us about a vision he’d had that may have been connected to the Lightning Medallion which disappeared recently. In short, it gave the impression that the medallion was somehow connected to a VERY powerful being. The thought that occurred to me is that if King Will knows anything about the events in this vision, it may be why he’s after the medallion. I’m not sure if he knew the medallion in the caravan WAS the Lightning medallion or not; but if King Will knows about this other being, he may be trying to use this get out from under Zefrain’s thumb. I would not be surprised if Zefrain is actually the real reason he has his duplicates so spread out. It may be that he even suspects Zefrain of being responsible for the assassins Therya has sent in the past…

Scouting Report

Jomas Atra
Today’s objective was to scout out possible sites to stage our ambush of Tzare. Theria came along, but along the way I mentioned it might be useful if we could exploit the possible animosity between him and his vizier, who the gnomes reported had had an argument together. We agreed it would be good to know what the argument was about, so we decided to split up- she would go to speak with them, while I continued on to the scout out a few sites she mentioned. I lent her my concealment bandanna so she could go unrecognized, as well as hide easier. While I’m sure she likely has better stealth skills than a stereotypical princess, she’s still probably not as good as someone who’s needed such skills to survive like I have. Along the way to the sites, I spotted a few plants that might be useful for setting traps- some mud plants and lashers. The mud plants use is readily apparent- they are quite painful to walk through, though to the untrained eye they simply look like patches of mud. The lashers may be too small as they are right now, but when coupled with my nature breath attack, they could be useful. I placed them in a hollow log for easy access later on.
I saw three sites near the road that could be promising. The first was further off the road than the others; there was a small amphitheater there. If we use the strategy of arranging a meeting with Tzare, it is likely that either he or one of his advisers would know about this site as useful for such clandestine meetings. There was good tree cover around the site, which would be useful for me to use as a sniping post. The second site was a large clearing not too far from the road. Again, Tzare or his advisers might know about the area, which may be a good thing. There wasn’t much cover, however- though with our groups shadow magic that is a problem that might be easily solved. It would be helpful to get him closer to the trees than the other side, again so I can be up in one for sniping reasons. The final site was a bit harder to find, but in some ways it could be the best ambush site- perhaps too perfect. It was a smaller clearing that was very closed in once you got inside it, but until someone was in it, they would not be aware of that fact. However, considering the violence of our last encounter, if Tzare or his advisors DO know about this site, suggesting it as a meeting place could be an immediate tip-off to our ambush.
After scouting out the sites, I set off in the direction Therya had gone to meet back up with her. Her tracks became difficult to follow, so I asked Enar to track her scent. As he began too, however, I sensed something watching me. I looked behind me to see a large bear; not quite the size of a dire bear but close. I noticed it seemed agitated, but I was able to talk it down. I looked into its memories on the off chance that it may have had some knowledge of Tzare or his vizier, but noticed a strange incident. A few hours earlier it had seen something, but whatever it had been had somehow erased the bear’s memory of what exactly it was. I could also tell that it was at this point that it had become somewhat frenzied. I decided this was something I had to look into, so I sent Enar with a note to try and follow Therya while I headed to the encounter site. When I reached it, I there were too many tracks to make anything out as to what the bear may have encountered. However, I did have an encounter with some fellow hunters- though I barely rolled out of they way of their stun bolts. They were there after a bounty placed by the head of Valcose’s hunters guild- apparently the leader of this group had done something to someone close to him; they either didn’t know the specifics or weren’t comfortable sharing them. We talked for a little while, and I picked up some useful information about setting a variety of traps- this may be very useful in our quest. When asked why I was in the area, I told them a bit about my past in the arena I escaped, and said I’d heard one of my old captors may be on the island. They accepted this explanation. While we were talking, Enar returned, still carrying the note I had written. The other hunters were quite impressed with the fact I had a chimera for my companion. Enar explained he had followed her scent to the gnome’s meeting area, and could tell she had been there, and had left the way she had come- though he hadn’t spotted her himself. It was beginning to get late, so I excused myself from the other hunters, wished them luck, and headed to the nearest point I thought I might find Therya’s trail if she was making her way back to out hideout. I spotted her tracks, but couldn’t tell from them which direction she was heading. I headed back towards the hideout myself. Along the way, I occasionally spotted her tracks, but they disappeared after a while. She may have simply taken a different route back, so I decided the best solution was to head back myself, while still keeping my senses alert for anything unusual or useful.

Our Fallen Friend

Erik and Brinlad moved slowly through the forest. The eerie situation of two ghostly figures juxtaposed by the soft singing of birds in the tree tops, and the rustling of leaves in the wind while the sun showed through as moving pillars of white. A calm set over the forest, the wispy movement of the undead made no sound.

“We have some time before we reach the main road into town,” Erik’s hollow voice seemed to bend with the wind, muffled by the air, “so… what do you want to do until then?”

“You said you were in prison? Before you died?” Brin’s demeanor was cheery for a ghost, which either added to the eeriness or relieved it. Erik laughed lightly, he seemed to recall the years of prison with a fondness and a doubt, as one does remembering an embarrassing moment from their past. His smile and nod confirmed her question but no words escaped his mouth. He walked still for some time. The silence built and suddenly was broken by a soft sigh of Erik’s hollow breath.

“How about this, I will tell you my story, if you will tell me yours” He grinned hopefully at Brinlad who smiled cautiously back.

“I don’t know how much I could tell you…” She trailed off a little defeated.

About 10 years ago, I was part in a merry band of men, rogues, mercenaries, ex-soldiers, and the like. I remember sitting in a dimly lit, poorly kept diner each week, singing hearty shanties… off key… but reminiscing of old battles fought and friends made. We got mixed in to some pretty difficult times. Bad times. We didn’t do anything really bad, I mean, the situation was bad, and well… bad things happen you know? Anyways… things changed after that… The group grew grim grounded on grudges. Our lighthearted shanties turned to battlecries of rebellion; our jolly crew turned to morbid renegades. It took its toll on me. I was still young, and susceptible to nightmares in the dread of night. One dream kept haunting me in particular. A figure stood over each of us as we slept, and as he passed over each of our band, they would slip into death. I was assured each time I awoke with the bustling of my arising crew. However, one night my dreamed turned from fiction to reality. There were 30 of us… each one I knew by name, and I was the only one left. After that day, I stopped singing. I never dared again. I stopped sleeping, I spent the nights walking barren streets, with the comforting cobblestone under the lamplight.
My midnight walks grew in frequency as time went on. I was hungry, it was cold, wet, and uncomfortable. I guess I hadn’t slept in awhile and I saw… or kind of daydreamed I guess… at night… my crew under the lamps, I could see them singing, but all the sound was drowned out into nothingness. I ended up stealing bread that night after they faded away. I felt like I couldn’t hear anything. I started stealing more and more. Eventually I saw the errors of my ways and straightened out. It wasn’t too long after that, about a year or so, that King Wil’s previous adviser, a girl I had come to know, ratted me out to the old King and since I hadn’t continued my habits, he didn’t have real reason to kill me so he sent me to prison. That was 7 years ago. I met a man there who helped me become the Conservator I am now, taught me all about Earth. I told him my story, and he called me a fool, he said that I didn’t know that stopping to sing or live is like a sickness that grows and takes your life away. It captivates you. I didn’t fully realize what he meant until now. I eventually was the only one left. I became crazy… I would write on the prison walls in the morning and look at the walls at night as if I had never seen them, they were divine messages only for me. The words formed for me. I grew cautious and found that all that I spoke and all the words I read were just silent imaginings, echoes of the words themselves. King Wil was astonished I hadn’t died yet, and was getting weary, he transferred me to another cell where I came back to my senses, and had to, because every 3 days a new creature would appear bent upon my destruction. I stayed in that chamber for a year and a half… or so… until I happened upon Jomas, Admiral, and Alvar… or they happened upon me I suppose. I had a sense to survive in those halls, but never a sense of reason… That is why I stick around with you guys. I have a reason finally, although realized a little too late but hey, I have never really been as free as I am right now.”

The crack of a whip in the distance echoed clearly through the open trees. “Haha, I guess time to go find out what that was!” Erik smiled, a little relieved to be done with speaking, “Stealth mode activated.”

Alvar:Rescuing the Diary Then heading Tzare

Thuria needed someone to go get her diary, journal, thing. She was sending Brin but there was an item I need. So I convinced her to send me as well. We ran into Sharlamane and I learned his name is Erik. Funny, I learn new things about him every time I see him. Oddly I don’t sense any guards around. Or anywhere for that matter. They’re all gone. None in this city. This city that I strangely know nothing about, but i’m already on a quest to kill the king of a Land i’ve known for 2 days.
We got to Thuria’s room and I found my item instantly. Still know nothing about it but I found the item. When I saw her diary it was oddly… not like her. Too girly for it to be hers. I should have known it was a trap. But of course I opened it. And Brin and I were almost killed. We got the correct diary and eventually started to head back. Quickly after I returned we all decided to head to get a boat to head to Tzare.

On the boat I saw an illusion of myself. And instantly was stunned. I don’t remember several hours until I was flung from the back of the boat to the front. When I woke back up there was a Skinchanger there, changing between us all, and trying to kill us all. When we finally killed it Admiral used his staff to bite the head off the creature. And it didn’t 100% work. Eventually we stopped the creature, and when the staff threw away the head it had swallowed. It was my head. And then I don’t remember anything else.


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