Wil's Projections

Tzare, Rex, Sovereign, Rule, Monarch, Chief, Khan, Kaizer, Capitan, Sultan, Ascendant, Superior, Majesty, Imperator


Information Provided by Orion, a rather helpful Nomad.

These are in Order of Least to Most Powerful, for the most part they are also in order from newest to oldest, although strictly speaking Capitan is the oldest, and Chief was the newest, although he is dead now. So the next newest would be Tzare followed by Sultan, and then Rule.

Alias: Chief, The Mirror – Current State: Deceased. Apparition of Craze/Mania/Stress. Weakest of the Apparitions. He mimics attacks with one particular difference with uncanny accuracy. Alternate Names: The Wild Card
Alias: Tzare, The Terror – Current State: Deceased. Apparition of Malice. High temper and had a tendency to kill off his men quickly, those who are underneath him will likely be new, inexperienced, and demoralized. Alternate Names: Boss
Alias: Rule, The Just – Current State: Alive. Apparition of Judgment. Loved the most by the subjects of King Wil. His forces will fight incredibly hard to defend him, and will not hesitate to sacrifice themselves for him. He will fight incredibly hard to protect his men. Alternate Names: Justice, Judge, The Candid
Alias: Capitan, The Perilous – Current State: Alive. Apparition of Desire. He has a crew of 11 people, who he has been with for nearly 20 years. He is the oldest of the Apparitions and his forces are nearly as powerful as he is. Alternate Names: The Pirate, Swain
Alias: Sultan, The Poet – Current State: Imprisoned but Alive. Apparition of Hate/Misery. He spends a great deal of time writing poetry and stories, which… are actually quite good. He is imprisoned because he became to willful. King Wil has trouble controlling his actions. Even so, consider him a threat. Alternate Names: The Teller
Alias: Rex, The Torturer – Current State: Deceased at the hands of Dorian. Apparition of Fear. He is so good at torture that he was often conscripted by many different armies to investigate prisoners of war. His crowning achievement was successfully breaking Derrick Dane, God of Records, Archiving, Knowledge and Clarity, in a torture session that lasted 6 months. Alternate Names: The Tyrant, Crain
Alias: Khan, The Experimenter – Current State: Alive. Apparition of Wonder. You could consider Khan to be very interested in learning about the elements. He has nearly single-handedly taught King Wil the entirity of the spells he knows, and has discovered a great portion of water magic. Alternate Names: The Scientist, Sorcerer
Alias: Monarch, The Leader – Current State: Alive, General of King Wil’s armies. Apparition of Tactics/Strategy. He is the head of the armies of King Wil, in Velkoss, of King Sar in Duval, King Oke in Ferrous, and King Uzj in Nyhilom. He is renowned as the best tactician in Daraenia and thought to be one of the most ruthless generals in all of Archeor. Alternate Names: Monarch Sir, Rash (but never to his face)
Alias: Superior, The Guard – Current State: Alive. Apparition of Suspicion. He is the hardest person to stealth, bluff, charm, intimidate, or effect really that I, Orion, have ever met. He is cautious, calculating, and has never once fallen for a lie, at least that I can tell. Alternate Names: The Cautious, The Paranoid (Although he wouldn’t admit it according to his men)
Alias: Majesty, The Furious – Current State: Alive. Apparition of Anger/Intimidation. I have met some daunting figures, Majesty is possible only rivaled by Dorian the Dragon Lord. I spent the least amount of time with him, and don’t plan to see him again. I have never seen any group of men so willing to do the bidding of someone before. To stave off anger fits, he has regular gladiatorial fights. Alternate Names: (Fight names) Dark Eyes, Calm Rage, The Handler
Alias: Kaizer, The Vigilant – Current State: Alive. Apparition of Perception/Observation. This guy knew who I was, how long I had been traveling, and my real agenda for being there as soon as I walked into the keep. He is not to be underestimated and it took me near a month to escape him, and only just. Alternate Names: The Daring, Freefall, Daredevil
Alias: Sovereign, The Indoctrinator – Current State: Alive. Apparition of Attachment. Parts of me are still reluctant to even reveal this information, because it could potentially harm him. It is something about being around him where you just want to do what he asks. He has some ability that makes this possible so I know it isn’t a “real” feeling. Still though. Alternate Names: Master, The Puppet Master (By those who have escaped)
Alias: Ascendant, The Templar – Current State: Alive. Apparition of Conscious/Wisdom. Ascendant nearly has Krious beat for knowledge about the universe. I spent almost 3 years with Ascendant learning from him. He isn’t necessarily hostile. However, if you become hostile to him. Good Luck. I mean, I haven’t even seen him take a hit, let alone someone getting close, and many have tried. Alternate Names: The Invisible, The Noble, The Seer
Alias: Imperator, The Powerful – Current State: Alive, but other than that Unknown. Apparition of Optimism/Gladness. I would say the apparition of Pride would be a little more correct. I never met him, I couldn’t get close. He was in the middle of a battle where he was taking on 37 champions at once. He won in under an hour. It was glorious to watch him battle and he was invigorating the crowd every chance he got. I was pumped to be honest. He is jovial at times, and serious when it matters. He tells jokes, but on the battlefield. He was monstrous. Alternate Names: Emperor (fighting), The Great, The Purifier.


Wil's Projections

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