Oracle: (Ambulare in Satunebris)

Goodbye Tzare

The first of the….twelve? erm… I think twelve… Err Ah! Anyways, yes, the first of the twelve of King Wil’s Illusions are dead.
That was a fun battle. I almost made a mistake. But luckily for me Jomas was there and explained more to me how if we stayed in the clearing we were in we would have a good trap set up.
We set up a couple traps to unleash on Tzare the second he stepped into the clearing. Jomas set up cease fire and 4 of his arrows, Dair had summoned a spirit to attack that turned into a massive shadow wraith, Brin was playing a song and keeping everyone shrouded, Admiral turned his cool new staff into an earth ball throwing weapon, and for me. I was making sure to set everything up perfectly so that I was in the most shadow sense zone as possible, as well as Tzare would be in a dense shadow zone so I could Cripple Tzare to give us a head start. Right before Tzare entered I suddenly got a vision. Someone (you know who you are) showed me what Relson was doing. He was wrapped around a tree lining up a major eye laser shot to unleash hell upon the illusion. Which completely changes what I was going to do. I then decided to morph 2 shadow orbs together and throw it as fast as I possibly could with as much power as it could possibly have.

When Tzare entered everyone unleashed their attack. Tzare was not ready for this to happen. He was stunned and everyone went ham on him trying to kill him right away. I told everyone to halt, and I imbuned Sheilun with Shadow and went and stabbed Tzare right in the neck.

I suddenly got the feeling that this was too easy, and that was when Tzare got loose, took his trident and stabbed the ground and caused us all to become…swimming. In the middle of a forest. Yeah… That makes sense….Any how the water slowed us all, I remember seeing Jomas burning under the water. Not exactly sure how that is possible but I didn’t question. All I knew is I needed to get out of the water to fully attack and put an end to Tzare’s life.

Admiral went dragon mode and slammed into the ground, causing a cavern to open right underneath where Tzare and his water spewing trident was. I watched them fall and thought maybe we had done it. Maybe it was complete. And that was when I saw he caught himself. Then I noticed someone watching the fight from a distance. It didn’t look like one of the island’s guards. I sure hoped it wasn’t Zefrayn.

Amidst all of this, suddenly the Spirit of the forest in large form came into the clearing. Crushed Tzare in the earth as he closed it, grabbed the man watching, and left.

We had actually done it. We had defeated Tzare.


Rendourous zane_cartwright

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