Oracle: (Ambulare in Satunebris)

Session One: Hall of Dreams

Alvar Zalatath

I woke up in a strange hallway, no apparent end or beginning to the hallway. Torches on both sides of the hallway spread about 10 feet apart. Hallway has a Maroon wall paint. Between every 2 sets of torches there are mirrors on both sides. In the mirror I see a face. I am now in his Domain. Which this hallway is the hall of dreams. and Everyone will eventually come to this place.

He claims I am asking the wrong questions. But when I am ready to leave, I know where to find him. Which… is unknown.

My thoughts:
Why am I here?
How did I get here?
Why don’t I remember much about what happened before now?
Why did his eyes glow yellow?

Next Move: Go back to the mirror where my hand went through, Then continue down that way if nothing happens.

I end up in the light. and Castori is the man that took me there. He claims the test for me to leave is to look in a mirror and I will see my challenge. I look in the mirror and see myself. I stab myself (-12 hp)
I suddenly look down and see I’m holding Sheilun in my side. I go ahead and move so I’m not in front of any mirrors. I feel a blade flying in front of my neck, and really close.

I head back to the mirror and I see him again. I ask who he is, and he doesn’t respond. He holds the dragger to his neck. I step back out of the mirror.
the wall starts banging in. I pull the mirror back just to see a wall. The banging continues.
I grab a torch on the wall and see a wisp. I keep looking for the wisp looking for the creature with my dragger.
I grab another torch and throw it at the wisp. it screams and as I reach for my fallen dragger, I suddenly appear in an Inn.


Rendourous zane_cartwright

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