Oracle: (Ambulare in Satunebris)

Scouting Report

Jomas Atra
Today’s objective was to scout out possible sites to stage our ambush of Tzare. Theria came along, but along the way I mentioned it might be useful if we could exploit the possible animosity between him and his vizier, who the gnomes reported had had an argument together. We agreed it would be good to know what the argument was about, so we decided to split up- she would go to speak with them, while I continued on to the scout out a few sites she mentioned. I lent her my concealment bandanna so she could go unrecognized, as well as hide easier. While I’m sure she likely has better stealth skills than a stereotypical princess, she’s still probably not as good as someone who’s needed such skills to survive like I have. Along the way to the sites, I spotted a few plants that might be useful for setting traps- some mud plants and lashers. The mud plants use is readily apparent- they are quite painful to walk through, though to the untrained eye they simply look like patches of mud. The lashers may be too small as they are right now, but when coupled with my nature breath attack, they could be useful. I placed them in a hollow log for easy access later on.
I saw three sites near the road that could be promising. The first was further off the road than the others; there was a small amphitheater there. If we use the strategy of arranging a meeting with Tzare, it is likely that either he or one of his advisers would know about this site as useful for such clandestine meetings. There was good tree cover around the site, which would be useful for me to use as a sniping post. The second site was a large clearing not too far from the road. Again, Tzare or his advisers might know about the area, which may be a good thing. There wasn’t much cover, however- though with our groups shadow magic that is a problem that might be easily solved. It would be helpful to get him closer to the trees than the other side, again so I can be up in one for sniping reasons. The final site was a bit harder to find, but in some ways it could be the best ambush site- perhaps too perfect. It was a smaller clearing that was very closed in once you got inside it, but until someone was in it, they would not be aware of that fact. However, considering the violence of our last encounter, if Tzare or his advisors DO know about this site, suggesting it as a meeting place could be an immediate tip-off to our ambush.
After scouting out the sites, I set off in the direction Therya had gone to meet back up with her. Her tracks became difficult to follow, so I asked Enar to track her scent. As he began too, however, I sensed something watching me. I looked behind me to see a large bear; not quite the size of a dire bear but close. I noticed it seemed agitated, but I was able to talk it down. I looked into its memories on the off chance that it may have had some knowledge of Tzare or his vizier, but noticed a strange incident. A few hours earlier it had seen something, but whatever it had been had somehow erased the bear’s memory of what exactly it was. I could also tell that it was at this point that it had become somewhat frenzied. I decided this was something I had to look into, so I sent Enar with a note to try and follow Therya while I headed to the encounter site. When I reached it, I there were too many tracks to make anything out as to what the bear may have encountered. However, I did have an encounter with some fellow hunters- though I barely rolled out of they way of their stun bolts. They were there after a bounty placed by the head of Valcose’s hunters guild- apparently the leader of this group had done something to someone close to him; they either didn’t know the specifics or weren’t comfortable sharing them. We talked for a little while, and I picked up some useful information about setting a variety of traps- this may be very useful in our quest. When asked why I was in the area, I told them a bit about my past in the arena I escaped, and said I’d heard one of my old captors may be on the island. They accepted this explanation. While we were talking, Enar returned, still carrying the note I had written. The other hunters were quite impressed with the fact I had a chimera for my companion. Enar explained he had followed her scent to the gnome’s meeting area, and could tell she had been there, and had left the way she had come- though he hadn’t spotted her himself. It was beginning to get late, so I excused myself from the other hunters, wished them luck, and headed to the nearest point I thought I might find Therya’s trail if she was making her way back to out hideout. I spotted her tracks, but couldn’t tell from them which direction she was heading. I headed back towards the hideout myself. Along the way, I occasionally spotted her tracks, but they disappeared after a while. She may have simply taken a different route back, so I decided the best solution was to head back myself, while still keeping my senses alert for anything unusual or useful.


Rendourous Acnolowgia

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