Oracle: (Ambulare in Satunebris)

Encounter with Zefrain

The Bank of Luck has been drained...

Jomas Atra
Our party gathered and all gave our respective reports. Charlemaigne and Therya were not present; Eric because he had successfully possessed Tsare’s new advisor. Dare sought a spirit to look for Therya; we thought it was the spirit of the forest. However, shortly after he left and came back with Therya, he revealed himself to be Zefrain. Long story short, Therya barely survived- same story with Alvar, though that’s nothing new. Seriously… I’m starting to think he’s made a pact with some kind of dark god or something to have survived this many times. After exchanging a few attacks, Zefrain simply left. After we stabilized Therya, Dare summoned the real spirit of the forest- this is when we learned that we had been speaking with Zefrain the first time. I could tell this spirit’s power was much greater than anyone else I had ever met, including that of King Will. Zefrain, however… I could not even begin to calculate his strength. The Forest Lord explained Zefrain is of a similar nature to his own, but on a much larger scale- possibly the spirit of the island or even the ocean. If we ever encounter Zefrain again, our only thought should be of escape. The ONLY reason any of us are still alive is because he wants it that way- though I don’t know why. We can take a small amount of comfort in one thing, however- Zefrain does not appear to want to share our whereabouts with Tsare. The Forest Lord showed us a meeting between the two as it was happening. We could not hear what was being said, but I could read Tsare’s lips. He was upbraiding Zefrain for leaving the guard post, and on his failure to track down the construct- meaning Dare. Zefrain appeared to be apologetic. As he began to leave, Tsare told him “I could destroy you, but King Will seems to see fit that you continue to exist.” If he truly believes that, than he either has some kind of secret weapon we don’t know about, or he has no idea what Zefrain truly is- though I’m almost certain it’s the latter. If Zefrain really is the spirit of the island, though, than that could mean that he can appear anywhere on it at will- and since he could wipe out Tsare as easily as he nearly wiped us out, he must have some reason for wanting Tsare alive. If that is the case, then any attempt we make against Tsare is surely doomed. Zefrain is clearly THE power here- and I am at a loss as to what our next move should be. I almost wish I was a slave back in the arena again… things were certainly much simpler then.
Something just struck me… Dare told us about a vision he’d had that may have been connected to the Lightning Medallion which disappeared recently. In short, it gave the impression that the medallion was somehow connected to a VERY powerful being. The thought that occurred to me is that if King Will knows anything about the events in this vision, it may be why he’s after the medallion. I’m not sure if he knew the medallion in the caravan WAS the Lightning medallion or not; but if King Will knows about this other being, he may be trying to use this get out from under Zefrain’s thumb. I would not be surprised if Zefrain is actually the real reason he has his duplicates so spread out. It may be that he even suspects Zefrain of being responsible for the assassins Therya has sent in the past…


Rendourous Acnolowgia

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