Oracle: (Ambulare in Satunebris)

Alvar:Rescuing the Diary Then heading Tzare

Thuria needed someone to go get her diary, journal, thing. She was sending Brin but there was an item I need. So I convinced her to send me as well. We ran into Sharlamane and I learned his name is Erik. Funny, I learn new things about him every time I see him. Oddly I don’t sense any guards around. Or anywhere for that matter. They’re all gone. None in this city. This city that I strangely know nothing about, but i’m already on a quest to kill the king of a Land i’ve known for 2 days.
We got to Thuria’s room and I found my item instantly. Still know nothing about it but I found the item. When I saw her diary it was oddly… not like her. Too girly for it to be hers. I should have known it was a trap. But of course I opened it. And Brin and I were almost killed. We got the correct diary and eventually started to head back. Quickly after I returned we all decided to head to get a boat to head to Tzare.

On the boat I saw an illusion of myself. And instantly was stunned. I don’t remember several hours until I was flung from the back of the boat to the front. When I woke back up there was a Skinchanger there, changing between us all, and trying to kill us all. When we finally killed it Admiral used his staff to bite the head off the creature. And it didn’t 100% work. Eventually we stopped the creature, and when the staff threw away the head it had swallowed. It was my head. And then I don’t remember anything else.


Rendourous zane_cartwright

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